Wondering how to code well?

Learn Python programming by developing apps for real organizations, guided by real developers.

Located in Kuala Lumpur, TTDI, our premise is easily accessible. Targeted specifically for youths aged 13 to 18, our courses will definitely produce a coder out of any hard-working participant.

Best of all, you can start adding real projects to your CV and portfolio in as soon as six months!

Get a better foothold to the future by starting early.

Python Development For Teens, For Real

Our training covers more than just coding – we want our Wunderkoders to develop

Here’s the gist of what we do here at Wunderkod:

Think Like a Developer

Learn how to distill requirements, design, and strategize a solution with our methodologies.

Code in Python & Django

Materialize your solutions by building web apps using industry standard tech like Python 3, Django 2, Git, PostgreSQL, and more!

Build Real, Usable Apps

Contribute towards building real apps for our NGO partners and build a portfolio way earlier than everybody else.

Give your kids a headstart

It’s never too early, and definitely never too late. Give your kids an early start into the impending Digital Revolution. 

All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

1. Register with us

Fill up the form to so we can contact you once an intake is available. The upcoming intake will be in January 2020.

2. Set a Schedule

Before our classes commence (Wunderkod Workshops are run every Saturday), you’ll choose a time slot..

3. Wunderkod!

Learn from hands-on exercises, team coding activities, and coaching by Wundercoaches: experienced software engineers. The first three months is dedicated to discovery, exploration, and fundamentals of computer science.

4. Develop real apps

From month 3 onwards, all Wunderkoders will participate in app development projects that benefits Non-Profit Organizations – real project experience that you can definitely include in your CV and portfolio.

Brought To You By

Terang Academy PLT is a software academy dedicated to producing talents in the tech industry. To date, they have produced more than 50 developers, all employed.

Canang Technologies Sdn Bhd is a software development house with extensive experience in developing enterprise grade solutions in the academic sector.

Our Partners

Wundering Why Us?

The Digital Revolution is here, and we believe tech education should be taken more seriously among kids and teens.

Our blended pedagogy and andragogy approach makes complex computer science concepts ‘stick’.

We also value project experience and experiential learning highly. 

Our coaches are actual, experienced developers.

Learn from actual developers with experience developing actual products. All our coaches are in-house, and we do not hire from outside.

Have a clear end goal, not just some tutorials.

The purpose of this training is to get your child to build their first real app, with real users. We have a guideline on what to do, but not everyone will build the same stuff.

Build real apps, using real standards.

The target is to prep your child to be ready to develop a simple web application that our non-profit partners would be interested in using to help their organization.

Long term learning, not just sessions.

We encourage long term learning by providing support streams for our participants to ensure consistent effort and practice to make them better.

“We feel that if done correctly, any schoolkid or teen can learn programming. We tried this before with kids as young as 7 and they responded very positively, so there’s no doubt your kid can, too.

- Rafizan 'Uda' Baharum
Head Coach, Terang Academy

Get a better foothold to the future by starting early.